About us

House Levinsky since 1869

Levinsky is a danish fur wholesale company established in 1869. Levinsky has throughout the years, taken great pride in selecting the finest skins, for production of our luxurious collection, which we design in cooperation with our personal designers. This secures our customer a unique, high Quality garment, at every purchase.

We make vests and coats of many fur types. Mink, Silver fox, Blue fox, Rex Rabbit, Seal and Finn raccoon.

Levinsky is known worldwide for our special selected double face collection. Every year we provide our customer with new fashionable styles and exciting colors with different types of fur trims.

Levinsky is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and we exhibit our collection at the largest fairs worldwide each year.

150 years later Levinsky continues to provide customers with latest design and, DNA of the brand, finest skins for garments always at the right price.

Mike Stampe eco-conscious professional furrier, is selecting the finest skins to ensure customers with a long lasting eco-friendly garment, while his brother Michael Stampe travels the world in order to present the ancestral know-how of the House Levinsky.

The Stampe brothers thus perpetuate the legacy of their father and grand father, and hoping for the next generation to take over. Michael’s sons, still students, are taking care of social networks, the new generation is the link between historical knowledge and modern way of life.

Levinsky is thanking Michael SORENSEN for 50 years spent together in the House, and wishes him a long and happy well-deserved retirement.