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Levinsky's Essence: Timeless
Quality and Craftsmanship

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A Heritage of Excellence Spanning Over a Century

Founded in 1869 in Copenhagen, Levinsky is a distinguished Danish fur wholesale company, particularly famous for its double face shearling coats, a variety of fur jackets, and a wide range of exquisite leather jackets. Under the leadership of the Stampe brothers, Mike and Michael, Levinsky combines eco-friendly practices with traditional expertise.

Levinsky's Essence: Timeless Quality and Craftsmanship

At Levinsky, our core DNA is about creating garments that last, transcending the fast fashion trend. We focus on delivering overwhelming quality, with each piece crafted to exceed expectations. Our commitment is against mass production; we offer unique, exclusive items that stand out. Central to our philosophy is the preservation of craftsmanship, ensuring the longevity and distinctiveness of our brand for future generations.

Levinsky furs

is a danish wholesale company Specialiesed in fur, textile and leathers
During the past 150 years we have taken great pride in selecting the finest skins, for production of our luxurious collections
We make vests and coats of many fur types including Mink, Silver fox, Blue fox, Rex Rabbit, Seal, Lamb, Doubleface & Finn raccoon.
Levinsky is located in Denmark and we exhibit our collection at the largest fairs worldwide each year.


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