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    BF-170990, 57 cm. - Hood - Silver Fox - Women - Nature / Ræve Pels - Levinsky - Kvinde
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    Be embraced by the wild nature with a fox fur jacket. On this page you will find our big selection of jackets, coats and vests in fox fur for ladies. Fox fur is a versatile fur with a 'fluffy' and full look. If you have a fox fur coat, there is no doubt that you have a quality fur jacket. In addition to keeping you comfortably warm for the winter, the natural material gives you the best well-being and breathability.

    Our jackets are made by Levinsky, who since its establishment in Copenhagen in 1869 has produced fur clothing in high quality and design.

    Colorful and fluffy 

    Fox fur is one of the fur types that are easy to dye. It can therefore be produced in different colors and shades, making it a very fashionable and versatile coat. Of course, you will also find our selection of fox fur coats in their beautiful natural colors, which vary from fox species to fox species.
    The most popular colors and natural fur are the beautiful ‘silver fox’, which with its beautiful play of colors of white, gray, black and brown gives a nice and nuanced jacket. You will also find a nice selection of furs in ‘blue fox’, which with its dark color and blue undertones is a real classic. If you want a coat in a color that completes your look, you will also find our beautiful jackets in fox fur, among other things. in the colors mint, blue, beige and ombre.

    Embrace nature 

    At Stampe Denmark, sustainable furs are in focus. We guarantee that our skins and furs are bought at the largest auction houses such as Saga Fur and Kopenhagen Fur. A healthy animal produces a good coat, and at Stampe Fur, quality and animal welfare go hand in hand.

    Sustainability is not only the origin of the coat, but also its durability. A fox fur jacket is a usable jacket that, with the right care, stays beautiful for many years. Fox fur is a versatile and solid coat that also withstands a small amount of rain. An important factor for a beautiful coat is its storage and care. You can see our offer up fur storage here, as well as find our good advice for maintaining your fur here.

    Professional guidance 

    At Stampe Denmark we specialize in furs and skins. We are a family business founded in 1946 that is passionate about animal welfare and quality. We strive to produce luxurious and elegant garments that are for joy and benefit for many years. With us, you are therefore guaranteed professional guidance when you need it.

    We are proud to be able to offer you help and guidance in our stores in Denmark. You can find opening hours and contact information here. On our website, of course, we also offer the best service, and we offer fast delivery, so you can quickly get your luxury purchase in your hands.

    Eco-friendly garments

     At LEVINSKY, we advocate animal welfare which means the animals wellbeing is always ensured when we are buying all of our Mink and fox skins at the auction houses Kopenhagen fur and Saga fur. Healthy animals produce superior skins.