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    Levinsky Leather Jakcet

    When it comes to womens's outerwear, the leather jacket is a classic, and it's a fantastic way to mix up the more traditional "neat" design. You may add some edge and attitude to your wardrobe by wearing a leather jacket.

    Leather jacket is often black or brown in color, but it is also available in a variety of different colors, depending on your preferences. Aside from color, leather jacket comes in a variety of forms, each of which has been or is connected with distinct details. Leather jacket is one of them, and it has been worn for utilitarian, functional, and stylish reasons over time. 


    Eco-friendly lamb leather

    Levinsky leather jackets in genuine lambskin leather always with a completely unique fit that has been refined for decades. All Levinsky leather jackets & coats are made of the softest lambskin in the highest quality. They are all completely free of AZO, PCP and Chrome which makes them extremely eco-friendly and can perish in nature without leaving any negative imprint.

    Eco-friendly garments

     At LEVINSKY, we advocate animal welfare which means the animals wellbeing is always ensured when we are buying all of our Mink and fox skins at the auction houses Kopenhagen fur and Saga fur. Healthy animals produce superior skins.