710-83/05 Hat - Mink - Accesories - Mahogany (Hue) | STAMPE PELS
710-83/05 Hat - Mink - Accesories - Mahogany (Hue) | STAMPE PELS
710-83/05 Hat - Mink - Accesories - Mahogany (Hue) | STAMPE PELS
710-83/05 Hat - Mink - Accesories - Mahogany (Hue) | STAMPE PELS

710-83/05 Hat - Mink - Accesories - Mahogany (Hue)

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Levinsky since 1869

Mink hats are perfect for dressing up in the winter. They are warm, soft and comfortable. Every hat is designed exclusively to make it unique. They come in various styles that goes well for different type of occasions. The outer parts are 100% mink, and the inside is either cotton, silk or acrylic material.

150 years later Levinsky continues to provide customers with latest design and, DNA of the brand, finest skins for garments always at the right price.
we advocate animal welfare��which means the animals wellbeing is always ensured when we are buying all of our Mink and fox skins at the auction houses Kopenhagen fur and Saga fur.��Healthy animals produce superior skins.
To bread the healthiest animals in the most sustainable way.
All our fur apparel is still crafted��by hand by our skilled furriers who have all the knowledge��to make a long lasting apparel.
Fur is a remarkably long-lasting product. Our mink coats can be worn for thirty or more years.��A lot of our customers��is often passing down their fur coats to daughters or grand-daughters.
We even take the skins apart and completely restyle our customers��coat. Sometimes we recycle the skins to make fx pillows, blankets or accessories.
The pros of fur is that it will ultimately biograde and return to the soil by time without any harm to nature.


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